How does that even happen? How did I get so old? How have I worked in three salons, and how am I more skilled than a fare few hairdressers now? This is a wild ride and so far I’ve lasted longer in this industry than a lot of the people […]

This Site Is Nine God Damned Years Old

Damien Fossil Redhead ottawa hair laliberte
Hey! So I, Damien from Scissors Hair Studio in Ottawa (pllllssss come see me, Ottawa people! I mean, I know nobody local will ever see this, but a man can hope…) have embarked on a passion project: Redheads! I am going to make a photo book that is entirely made […]

Photographing Redheads Part 1

…Ok, I made that the title in a desperate attempt to be noticed online. I suck at advertising myself lately, I feel like the world leapfrogged past me and I’m still stuck in 2012 being like “Hey, check out my Twitter!”. :/ And I have a sort of defunct personal […]

Who Is The Best Hair Stylist In Ottawa? Umm…

Scissors Hair Studios by Damien Laliberte (Damien Fossil)
I got bored one day (as happens), and took my giant smartlight configuration over to a corner with a super cool girl who’s friends with the shop, turned all the lights bright pink/red and made this monotone monstrosity: Here’s what it actually looked like:

Stranger Things Poster…Thingy… For Scissors

Men's Hair Cut by Damien Laliberte (Damien Fossil) for Scissors Hair Studios in Ottawa
I feel like I might have a niche, or genre… Because when I see things I’ve done next to each other they sure seem to belong to a family, no? Or at least they seem like they come from the same place. Is that good or bad?

A Couple Male Clients

Damien Fossil for Scissors Hair Studios
I don’t have anything cool or important to say, I just want to share some pretty photos I’ve taken at work. Scissors is a fantastic salon to take photos in – this was upstairs, shooting through my bigass triangle smartlight (you can see the reflection in her eyes).  

Photography In The Salon

Steve Buscemi Fellow Kids
Looks like I have to change my name forever. Damien Fossil > Damien Laliberte for many reasons, not the least of which is that I got it on just about every social platform out there. Whoo! Do you know how HARD it is to think of a name that: Doesn’t […]

I Am Damien Fossil. I Mean Laliberte.

Hey everybody! This is a little bit different than what I’ve written about in the past… This is a basic step by step guide for people with extreme social anxiety on how to go to a salon and get a haircut. Hopefully this finds the right people and is useful! […]

How To Get A Haircut When You Have Social Anxiety

Oh hello. So this event, big event – big event with a lot of people – happened last night. It was crazy work, it was over a month in planning and we all worked about 13 hours yesterday to pull it off. But it went well! I have never been […]

Hnnng. (Salon Does Show, Models, Drinking, Etc.)