I need some new clothes

I’m moving to a new city, going to a new school (and who ever saw me going to school? ME! The guy who doesn’t fit any of the accepted “life options” post highschool), and I need some new clothes.

I dunno, maybe it’s that my entire wardrobe is literally falling apart… I am an odd sort of person, I like clothes, and I like being well groomed and looking good. But  I don’t need to be well groomed and look good. I need camera gear, I need music gear. I can’t practice photography, or make music without the appropriate equipment.

Yeah, not presenting a polished appearance makes people think you’re off-kilter and lacking maturity and balance. Maybe I should care – but then, if I did I would be working in a cubicle doing computer stuff somewhere right now, and I wouldn’t be a decent photographer and musician.

Anyways, talk about a digression! So yeah, new clothes. But on a ridiculous shoe string budget. There’s a dress code for the hair school so I will need to get black shoes and black/white clothes to wear to school, and can’t really afford to buy anything else.

Although I do like thrift store hunting. Recently I found a wicked awesome jacket for $1.50:

Just reading a book in the corner, you know, like ya do

I call it my “1950’s Geology Professor” jacket. It has a tag in it that says it was custom tailored in April, 1957. Man they made clothes to last back then!

I doubt I’ll ever really wear it anywhere… I mean it’s awesome and all… But I always tend to buy things that are costumey. This would be great if I WAS a geology professor from 1957… But I’m not. Oh well! My closet’s full of costumey thrift store finds.

The other problem is everything I want to wear stands out like a sore thumb in here. Well, everything I want to wear stands out like a sore thumb in most places… But Red Deer is the Land of the Slipknot Hoodie and Baggy Jeans. Style for this place stopped evolving after it reached it’s peak in trailer parks circa y2k. Sigh…

Tim Gunn, where are you? I need fashion tips!

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