Place to live… check!

Well I found a place to rent now… That’s one less thing to stress about. Google street view:

House in Red Deer

Little old house, affordable rent, reasonably close to the school. Now I just have to finish all my packing and stuff. I was trying to find information about hair cutting shears yesterday, and holy JESUS is it hard to find real information about that online!

I have no idea how it got like this, but if you search for anything related to hair cutting shears, you get the “Porn Treatment”. 50 thousand pages that are all fronts for a few shady commercial dealers of what would be porn normally, but in this case, are hair products. (Wtf?)

And then there’s 50 thousand fake blogs that are created just to give the illusion that they’re a real blog, but just point back to the aforementioned shady dealers.

So… no real info. Everyone is selling something with a marked desperation in their voice and a foot struggling to jam your door. Hmmph.

All I could figure to do was to look what brands I commonly saw and then look the brands up. One was Kamisori. Expensive!

Kamisori Shears

Ever seen a $1k set of shears before?

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