So… I’m going to hair school… right?

You know, I do know that I am a high strung, stressed-out type person. I know it. (Kind of hard not to know!)

But that doesn’t make stress any less stressful for me.

Aye-yai-yai… I’m approved for a student loan (Canada student loans – Alberta sucks balls and doesn’t care about hair stylists) for $8190. My tuition is about $13k, and I need living expenses. So after getting the I’m-acting-snooty-to-get-rid-of-you treatment from a number of banks, I eventually found a bank that would at least talk to me. Based pretty much entirely on the credibility of my cosigner, I got approved for a $10,000 (the maximum they allow) student line of credit. Giving me a total of $18,190 to work with. I need to figure out how to pay my tuition, and live on that, for one year.

School is gonna be 40 hours a week, Mon-Fri, and since I don’t drive (I’m poor, remember?) I’m likely to have an hour’s walk there and back. So I’m gonna have to get a part time job in there somewhere… Aye yai yai…

I don’t even know how to spell “Aye yai yai”. I need ice cream. 🙁

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