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I got 90% on my air forming evaluation this Friday! W00t!

(Air forming is what the school calls blow drying or round brushing. Because…uh…because.)

Air FormingAir Forming

We weren’t allowed to use irons, just the blow dryer and round brush. I used a medium round brush for more curl, and took horizontal partings progressing to vertical partings up and over the crown/apex.

It worked out great, my air forming is quite a bit better than it was. I think a lot of the trick to locking the curl in is to heat the hair up while you’re brushing it out from the head (which I do 2-3 times or more, both to dry and to heat the hair up), and then rolling it up to the scalp and blasting it with the blow dryer to add a little more head to the base and strand. Then switching to cool and cooling the whole thing down.

A lot of the girls just roll the hair up to the scalp and try to heat it up with the blow dryer then, and the curl never forms to the ends of the hair, it just makes a little volume at the base. If you’re rolling that much hair up, just blow drying the outside isn’t going to heat the ends up much when they’re rolled up under so much hair!

And the hair heats up better while it’s wet, because the water holds the heat and helps distribute it. Brush the hair out while air forming to dry and heat, then roll it up either just as the moisture is gone, or when 99% of the moisture is gone, and it will hold heat better when rolled up to the scalp, then blast it with more heat (just to heat it up evenly, not to dry it). Then remove the last 1% of moisture with the cold setting on the blow dryer, as you’re cooling the hair down. And really get the hair cool before you take it off the brush.

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