First Week at Hair School

And what a hectic week it was! Sunday the 6’th I moved into my new place (an hour’s drive away, took two trips to get my stuff there) and unpacked and crashed around 2 am. Up again at 7 am the next morning for school.

It is intense – Pivot Point completely redid the curriculum, so we have brand new everything, and not all of it is bug free yet. The first week was all about color, and had a massive amount of homework. I was up till midnight doing homework most of the week, no time to do anything else. Some of the homework didn’t line up right in the course – the teacher (and it’s not her fault, it’s the new course) would tell us to read this bit from the cosmetology book, and do that bit in the study guide. But the parts we read in the cosmetology book would be a bit ahead or behind of the actual subject we’d be grilled on in the study book. Fortunately that’s a minor thing that almost all of us noticed.

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