First Week at Hair School: Part Two

First week of hair school, part two. I’ve whined enough, I should talk about some of the cool things, because there are a lot of cool things there!

First off, our kit is wicked! (Although it should be for $2100!)

We got:

  • Babyliss blow dryer, flat iron, curling iron
  • Nice wooden round brushes (3 sizes)
  • Vent & pad brush
  • Color bowls & brushes (2)
  • The usual combs
  • Straight Razor
  • Clips
  • Apron
  • Cape
  • Straight shears and thinning shears in a pretty case: (The straight shears are Jaguar and the thinning shears are Dannyco)
Student Shears

Student Shears

Student Shears

Student Shears

The shears aren’t top of the line, but they’re usable student shears I think.

And we got a pretty an average quality leather satchel thinger with belt:

Student Satchel

Student Satchel

And one massive pile of textbooks:

MC College Cosmetology Textbooks

That’s not even all of them. There’s one missing.

The mannequin head in the picture isn’t the one we got in our kit, it’s a cheap one I bought to practice air forming on. The mannequin we got is actually very nice. I couldn’t find a good picture online, but trust me when I say it’s good. You know the fake Barbie dolls you can buy at the dollar store? That’s what the head I bought (pictured with the textbooks) looks like next to the Pivot Point mannequin. It also has scalps that snap on and off. Oh, and we got a guy head too. With a freaky long beard of hair that is most definitely head hair, not beard hair. He looks a bit like Jesus.

In addition to the two heads (male and female) we got 3 full “snap caps” of hair, and a partial hair snap cap. I’ve been told we’ll probably go through one in the first week or two.

The hair school textbooks, while there are a hell of a lot of them (I definitely wasn’t expecting that), are actually very well done. Very current looking throughout, great printing (the pages don’t look or feel cheap), it’s written reasonably well. My only gripe is that while the textbooks are well written, the course structure bungles it up a bit – but as I’ve said in other posts, this is a new curriculum and unfortunately that means we’ll be working some bugs out as we go. And of course, it’s tailored to the types of people who are most likely to go into cosmetology: Women with previous hair experience. But it’s not like they can really alter things for the small percentage of us with no previous experience, so I’ll just have to do some serious catch up on my own time. (Hence my cheap mannequin head!)

Oh, and we also got a nylon roller duffel with the school logo on it, which I will probably use.

All in all, I was skeptical of how good the kit would be when I enrolled, but I’m quite satisfied with it. The only things I’m likely to buy aftermarket are jaw clips, maybe a different size thinning shear, and of course gloves.

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