Roller Curls and Pin Curls

So today we did a full head of roller curls with some pin curls in the nape area. We let them set, and tomorrow we’re combing them out. I can’t wait to see what mine looks like – I’m thinking Betty White. haha

I’m learning a lot, and starting to get the hang of styling. At least it’s not taking me as long as it did last week, and air forming is getting easier. The teacher is explaining things a lot more in depth now, and showing me a lot about the techniques involved in everything, which is very very useful. Tomorrow we have another exam (only multiple choice though… I think). This one’s on hair design theory.

There is a lot of pop psychology in the textbooks. Half of hair school is the actual hair, and half of it is… teaching you to be a mix of car-salesman, and bartender. Bend your personality this way and that way, read people better, say this, do that, etc.

It’s a bit strange, but I understand why it’s there. Man I’m tired. Time to get some sleep!

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