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I was talking to the lady who runs the college I’m at, and she is a walking encyclopedia of hair stuff. I like her. She’s really into technical things, techniques, details, and doing everything perfectly. Just like me! (Except she can actually do everything perfectly haha)

And I learned some interesting things. For instance, compound henna dyes (I.E. henna + other chemicals or metallic salts, which are often not listed on the package of commercial henna dyes for hair) can react violently with peroxide. Someone who has henna with copper in it having something with peroxide in it applied to their hair, in a worst case scenario, could end up having their hair spontaneously boil, on their head. Lead will cause funky color changes, and silver will cause a greenish hue in the hair and make it not absorb things very well.

Crazy, huh?

Ps. Here’s a pic of me playing with the cool floating dryers in one of Robert Cromeans’ Salon, for no particular reason. I think I may have been about to sneeze or something. I hope my face isn’t like that all the time!

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