First Practical Exam done… 3 More To Go

Note from the future: This was written years ago. Way back. So...please...don't judge my taste...

My first practical exam (With a model) went a lot better than I expected! I passed (barely), which is about double the mark I was expecting to get. Especially since I got marked down for arguing with the teacher in front of the client.

There’s three more practical exams next week, and I only have one model… I just moved here, so I don’t know a lot of people. :S
If I can’t find a model, I can’t take the exam, and they won’t allow me to do it when I do find a model – I have to wait until the next class reaches their practical exams and take it with them. Eep.

I’m starting to be a lot more comfortable with everything. And I’m starting to get used to how the school doesn’t exactly… teach you things the way you would usually think of as teaching. They show you a 5 minute DVD on how to do the hair cut, then you do it once on a mannequin, and that’s all the practice you get until you’re cutting real people’s hair on the salon floor. If you messed up on the mannequin, no second tries or practice. And you’re also expected to already know how to style hair, with a few exceptions:  They have a particular method of round brushing they do teach, and much later on in school there is a class on long hair and updo’s – although we already have to do updo’s in the first cycle.

You know, I’m sure there are some people you could just give a chisel and a block of granite to and tell them “hit it with the pointy end”, and they would make great sculptures… I don’t think that’s me though. There’s definitely things I would change about the curriculum if I was head of the school. But I’m trying this new thing, where I keep my mouth shut and don’t object to everything all the time, and perhaps even trust in the experience of the teachers and school. Maybe it’ll work out in the end, or there’ll be a moment where it all clicks.

In other news, I’m trying to figure out how to do Tabby hair!

Tabby Hair Diagram

I <3 Tabby’s hair. It’s basically scene girl hair, but without the backcombing and skunk/raccoon stripes.

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