Hair School Theory (Pivot Point Design Principles)

I am DONE Cycle One! This week was crazy with theory and practical exams, and terrifying and it aalll went so fast. But now I’m done hair school for a week! And I’m off with my class to NAHA in Las Vegas for 4 days! Whoo!

I think I’ve adjusted reasonably well to the crazy environment that the college is. It probably sounds like I’m always having problems at school because I just like to complain a lot (sorry!), but school is absolutely fantastic, and despite the stress and rush, awesome fun. I can’t wait to go to Vegas! And when I get back I’m on the salon floor! No more classrooms for me! (For awhile, anyway)

So anyways, I don’t have anything to say really. Just wanted to brag about Vegas. I finished and handed in my project book (an assignment to make a book that basically just paraphrases all the things in the textbook). Here is my favorite page from my project book:

The Blues Brothers International Standard Chart

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