Hair Wax & Cool Asian Hair

Wax. Hair wax. It’s my product of choice for my own hair. I like matte waxes, because they hold better. I have hair that is too heavy and curly for most products to hold up, and having the lifestyle and personality I do, I can’t shellac my head with a can of hairspray when I leave in the morning – if I did that, once the style fell apart, I wouldn’t be able to push it back into shape again. I’m a re-shaping kind of guy, and I am a big fan of the Asian mullet. (Or “Cool Asian Hair” as I call it.) All the cool guys in Vancouver had it when I lived there, and it grew on me

So I like my wax. I have tried a lot of different kinds, I know the asian guys swear by brands like Gatsby and Shiseido, but it’s too much of a hassle for me to get so I just use Sebastian. My favorite was Sebastion X-tah Crude Clay (which I think literally was clay mixed with wax), but it’s been discontinued so I’m back to using whatever super-holding wax I happen to have at the moment.

Where am I going with this? We don’t have any good wax products in the school salon. We have a shine wax pomade (which makes no sense to me – a pomade is pomade, and wax is wax. Mix the two and you just get a slightly waxy pomade…) and that’s about it. There isn’t a single product in the salon, not even in the retail area, that fills this product niche.

There is not much in the salon for styling guys hair in general actually, it’s a bit stuck in the 90’s. Hair gel (blegh!) and spiking the hair up is what most of the girls do to guys. But there isn’t anything wet-set or 90’s looking about C.A.H:

Cool Asian Hair!

More Cool Asian Hair!

I think I’m the only advocate of Cool Asian Hair at school, because nobody seems to know how to cut or style it. Perhaps it‘s true that you have to go to an asian stylist to get a good C.A.H. style. But I will master this style! And I’m halfway there already! I know how to style it from years of trying to make my own hair do C.A.H.

And I’m slowly figuring out how to get the right kind of layers and texture. I have to admit, I thought it would be a lot easier to figure out this hairstyle than it’s turning out to be… it is extremely dependent on the cut. Without the right cut, it’s just hard or impossible to style it correctly.

Also, the products used to style your hair like this don’t really… wash out… per say. The really good waxes and the moving rubber stuff, once you put it in you’re hair, it’s going to be in there for awhile. No matter what shampoo you use. (That’s another thing my salon friends didn’t understand. “Well use a clarifying shampoo to get rid of it, silly! It can’t be that hard to get out!” . Oh yes it is!)

The hardcore wax is a bit intimidating to people who are only used to gel and mousse and hairspray, and not much else.  The test of a truly awesome hair product for C.A.H. is if it can turn your hair into this:

Troll Doll!

The good stuff will turn your hair into troll doll hair that you can push around and shape however you want, and it just sort of magically stays up – no backcombing! And you can continue shaping it throughout the day to some extent.

I just find wax to be the best product for this out of the spectrum of hair products. (Pomades, shine serums, hairspray, gums, waxes, mousses, gels, glues, etc, and the new kid on the block: All the stuff with “fiber paste” or “reshapeable paste” in the name. The gum and fiber stuff is promising but lacks the gravity defying hold, and weightlessness of wax.)

And if you’re trying to get into the growing male market share of the salon industry, the good waxes almost sell themselves to guys! They don’t smell like “girly” hair products. They smell like clay, and dirt, and earth! Manly smells!

They come in big, manly containers! Look at that manly hexagonal lid! It’s like a big bolt!

Sebastian X-tah Crude Clay

They don’t have girly names like “Sleeking Serum”, they have manly names like “Crude Clay”. Names for manly guys who spend their spare time sawing boards in half, and digging holes in the ground!

And most attractive to some guys – it’s an “invisible” product. You can’t see it on the hair, guys don’t have to worry about going around smelling like a fruit basket, they can keep telling their friends: “Oh no, I don’t style my hair. My hair just does this.”

Well, most of them are manly anyway. Just don’t show them the Gatsby Moving Rubber.

It’s Pink!

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