Men’s Haircuts (Sam’s Hair Gets Shorter)

Today we highlighted Sam’s hair again – this time with an ugly (in my opinion) application to the tips, and also with the “shoe shine” technique. Very 90’s looking. We used Ex-Lite w/ 30 Volume developer and tried to lift it as much as we could. Then we put a 7.4 demi-permanent color all over his head, which darkened the highlights some and added a slight orangey copper tinge to everything. Hair school is a bit behind.

We also did a medium gradation on the back, up to the occipital area, using shears over comb, and blended in with taper shears over comb around the ridge line/weight area.  In my case I went through and trimmed his interior a bit with some heavy notching, and removed the corners from an early (ugly!) cut.

Samuel Short

Samuel Short

Monday is our first male cut on a model. W00t!

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