One, Is The Loneliest Number

Warning: This is about as gossipy as I get. I don’t like gossip, because I feel it’s unethical – and also, people from my school could someday find all this! So it’s not really gossip. Just as close to gossip as I get.

Being the only guy in an entire school is lonely. When I started school I didn’t think it would bother me, since I tend to relate to girls more easily than guys. But it definitely is lonely being the only guy. And I can’t relate to any of the girls at school. They’re all… a very different species of girl. Girls from the Cosmetology genus. Actually it’s probably more likely that they’re girls, and the girls I’m used to are the different species of girl. haha

They’re all very nice though (I think I lucked out and got a fantastic class, because I honestly like every person in my class.), they’re just… different.

There’s a handful of girls in school that, like me, don’t quite match up with the rest. But they’re not the same different as my different. (Geez, listen to me whine!)

Oh well. On the bright side, I was scared that going into a school full of attractive girls would result in me falling for some girl and messing up my ability to commit to school. And I’m still really flaky and intimacy-phobic, anywhoo. (My last relationship wasn’t so great, but let’s not delve into those depths.)

Luckily for me there’s nobody at school I have the romanticness for, so I don’t have to be in that predicament!

Sometimes, having a “type” you’re attracted to is a good thing.

There is one really, really pretty girl at school though.  I have to remind myself not to stare at her sometimes, she’s so pretty. I’d rather paint a portrait of her than talk to her though, as callous as that sounds. I’m not much for interpersonal relationships at this time in my life. Of course you always say that right before someone new and unexpected jumps into your life.

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