Second Week Cutting Hair In Hair School

So I’m about to go into my second week on the salon floor at hair school (as opposed to the classroom). I know I’m a little green, and I know people know they’re getting their hair cut by students when they come in, but man, knowing that there is  possibility I could drastically mess up someone’s haircut is some serious motivation to get better.

I always thought you would practice your skills on mannequins until you were competent cutting people’s hair, then start working on real people – not so! Or at least, not at my school. (And most other schools I would guess)

Why not? Cost. Human hair is really, really, really expensive. It’s just not cost effective to practice on mannequins. A decent mannequin runs from $60-$100, but you can practice on real people who sign a waiver releasing you of all liability, and they actually pay you! (Well, they pay the school anyway.)

If I could afford it I’d definitely hone my skills on mannequins, but since I can’t I’m going to just try to do the best I can to give my clients a decent cut, and work on mannequins when I can. The school has abandoned mannequin heads that they will let me practice cutting on, but they’re all cropped pretty short – echoes of failed Sassoon 5 point cuts, and experimental dye jobs abound. Recutting them and fixing the lines and geometry is good practice though, good for learning to balance your lines with the face.

Ps. I love Redheads. Like tornadoes, they’re one of nature’s most beautiful, and terrifying creations.

Pheomelanin = Hotness

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