The Pivot Point Mannequin Gets A Flattop

Well we took Sam down to a flat top (EW!) and a fade (DOUBLE EW!) in class… Poor Sam, he’s so ugly now.

Samuel Mannequin Flat Top

I was surprised that the other girls in the class had a very hard time doing the flat top, because to me it seems like the easiest (although ugliest) thing you could do to hair. They also had a hard time trimming his beard into a style. I think maybe it’s just a guy thing – I’ve have more clipper experience. The girls in class kick my ass at girl hair styling, with curlers and whatnot, because they’ve had more experience with those things. (Or at least, that’s what I tell myself…)

Samuel Mannequin Fade

Hey look, it’s K-Fed!

Check out the big disc of hair just behind Sam’s apex – they went crazy putting hair in that one spot, and then put thin hair all over the rest of him. lol

I really like cutting men’s hair. It’s too bad most men don’t want to go to a male stylist. But oh well, in the town I live in all I’d be able to do anyway is an endless series of faux hawks.

They love the faux hawks here. It’s like the official town haircut.

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