Today in the Salon…

I got my first tip!

From a nice older lady, with 100% grey hair that was quite curly (she’s lucky, all the other old ladies keep getting perms to get their gray hair to curl). She had some pretty severe “wings” above her ears – something I am very familiar with, since my hair is curly as well. I was a bit uneasy at first when it came to texturizing her hair to fight the wings, and give her more volume in the temples and crown, because I have no experience with it whatsoever. But it turned out great, her wings became a nonissue! What really helped was that her hair was drying quite fast, so the natural curl was starting to show through, and I could quite clearly see what needed to be done where.

A tiny bit of work with my texturizing shears (not very much at all, since her hair was so fine and thin) in the indentation area of the “wings” below the temple evened the hair texture out nicely and stopped the hair from flipping out.

We all had little girls to style today too, a Big Sisters program was scheduled to come in at 1. (Big Sisters is a program where 11-13 year old girls hang out with younger girls who aren’t…well, having a great life so far.)

They showed up at about 1:40, leaving us 20 minutes to style/updo all the little girls before our next clients got here. O.O

I was super lucky to get a girl with a short, slightly graduated bob. And even more lucky that she knew exactly what was going on – she sat down in my chair and said “Ok, so we only have 20 minutes so you can’t afford to do a full head of ringlets. You got a straightener? Ok good. Just straighten my hair.”. I asked her if she wanted it a bit wavy and she said that would be great, so I just did some super quick flat iron waves, finished with a shine wax to define strands and ends, and she was happy. Thank you fate, for sending me the short haired girl!

And finally… A guy came in wanting to look like Edward Cullen:

James Dean Light (With 80% Less James Dean!)

The guy didn’t have that much hair to work with.  He was about halfway to toupee-town (that’s as nice as I can phrase it), but he really knew what he wanted, and was sticking to his guns, so I did my best. He was happy with it. But inside… All I could see was:

Steve Buscemi

How awesome would it be if Steve Buscemi played Edward Cullen though? I’d totally be into Twilight then.

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