Tragedy At Hair School! (I’m On The Salon Floor)

So I’m on the salon floor now at hair school! Cutting ACTUAL PEOPLE’S HAIR. It’s exciting and terrifying at the same time!

I’ve done sort of ok so far. I feel like I am way under prepared for this, not having much practice cutting since we only get to do each type of cut once in class and can’t practice or try again. I don’t think I’m performing cuts that are quite…couture… yet. On my first day on the floor I had two clients, a lady with waaaay long, waaay dense hair (I know girls who would murder their own parents to get hair like she has!) who just wanted it trimmed and thinned out, and an asian lady who was growing out a perm she had done awhile ago.

I was REALLY proud of what I did with the second lady’s hair – I cut it with a simple planar layered cut, her hair fell just below her shoulders. Her fringe (aka bangs) went straight across her eyebrows (that’s how she wanted it) and the line curved into the sides. I point cut her fringe, and slithered/slidecut the transition from fringe to the rest of her hair. I airformed it with a medium diameter roundbrush to control the crazy frizz of the perm, and used a large diameter curling iron to do loose curls that faded to a slow wave, and to straight in the interior, to ease the transition from poker straight hair to permed hair. She looked FABULOUS!

Then TRAGEDY struck the next client I had (which was on the following day). I brought her back to my station and sat her down, draped her… and the girl at the station to the left of me reached for something and knocked my barbicide over.


It drenched my station, went all over my client (thankfully she had a cape covering most of her), went across the ledge on my station and into her PURSE… A huge puddle of barbicide spread from my station to the surrounding 3 or 4 stations… It was a train wreck. The whole hair school floor looked over at us.

If you ever end up reading this, lady with the barbicide in her purse, I am sooooo sorry and feel soooo bad. o.O

And today I had another client, a little guy who needed his hair shorter for the summer. It took awhile, and I was really confused and unsure of what I was doing through most of it, but he left with a decent cut and it was pretty stylin’ too.

I really want to get better at this, I really think it’s the right career choice for me. I have difficulties with my… well, personal problems, though. It makes it hard to just be there sometimes. I wish I could tell everyone so they would understand why I have days like I do, but I’m not going to be one of those people who needs to dump all their problems on other people. It’s not their problem, it’s mine.

Anyways… on another down note, I really don’t like how there are groups of girls in school who mock you for wanted to be a great hairstylist. Like “trying hard” is something to be mocked. Because they don’t try hard. At NAHA, several people said in their speeches the important of not letting the other people drag you down, hold you back, and keep you at their level. They phrased it like it was a literal fight, like you have to fight to break free of all the people who want to keep you down.

I don’t know why people are so negative when there is so much joy in the world. What a horrible world theirs must be, and why is it so different from mine?

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