First Real “Salon” Experience

Today was insane. It’s Saturday of a long weekend, there’s a huge street festival on Ross Street. Guess where the school/salon is?

Answer: Smack in the middle of the street festival. All the senior girls in the school got to go outside all day and do extensions and updos and things, and hawk goods to the festival goers. It was kind of a “Here, since the other class got to go to Vegas, you can have a fun day at the festival” deal. (Although I think we got the better end of the deal, really… haha oh yeah. Vegas was a lot of fun. That’s all I’m sayin’.)

So the only people on the salon floor were 11 of us fresh faced, second-week-into-cycle-one students. The school usually has between 20-30 chairs going on on an average day, let alone a long weekend, with a street festival outside.

It was crazy! I was running around doing a million things at once. Rollerset on a little old lady, stick her in the dryer, take the towels downstairs to wash, take new towels upstairs, fold them, take the little old lady out of the dryer, comb out her hair and give her that fluffy “Little Old Lady” ‘doo that she likes. (And is very particular about! Only two rollers may go forward in the fringe. No more or less than two! She brought in her own rollers too. She was a sweetheart though.)

Rinse and repeat with another little old lady, and another batch of towels. Run downstairs and eat my lunch in 15 minutes. Run back upstairs to style a (very pretty) lady’s hair for a wedding later. She had the straightest hair I’ve ever seen. Not just straight, but smooth and sleek – It looks like you’ve flat ironed all her hair, without even airforming or ironing. It was like Asian hair if Asian hair was as fine and soft as European hair. I was so jealous. But anyways, back to the story!

She wanted big curls. Luckily I had my Giant Purple Dildo On A Stick:

This looks dirty.

Sorry if I offended anyone, I call’s em like I see’s em. And I see a… nevermind. Anyway.

The lady’s hair was insanely hard to curl. I think she walked out of the salon with half a can of hairspray in her hair by the end of it.

Then we had a birthday girl in need of some ringlets, except she was covered in sand and the mom asked if I could shampoo her first. So I obliged, and the girl was well behaved and nice. (I always think kids are going to be mean and evil and rotten, but they always seem to turn out cute and friendly and nice. I suspect it’s a ploy though. They’re just biding their time.)

Of course the other birthday party girls were done before mine, and the mom was up at the front tapping her toes while I’m doing a full head of ringlets after shampooing and blow drying the birthday girl. And when I’m almost done I find out I’m supposed to do her nails too! I can’t do nails! AAAHHHHHHHHH!

Luckily for me, the pretty lady at the front desk sensed my dire need of help and jumped in. Girls are so good with kids. It’s like a super power, it really is. Men can open pickle jars, girls are good with kids. Well… some of them.

It was a busy day, we were way understaffed in the salon, and every minute we had was booked from nine to five. At the beginning of the day, the instructors smiled and said “Today will be your first real world salon experience.”, and if that’s what salon life is like, I think I’m in the right profession. 🙂

And now it’s time to unwind with a Dr. Pepper and watch Craig Ferguson. (Alright!)

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