Head First Into The Grind

Well I’m back at school. I was a little scared that I wouldn’t be able to get back into the mindset. The hairdresser mindset completely disappeared during the week I was off – and the idea that I was going to be a hairdresser, that that is a world I want to be in, felt… cold, and strange, and… alien. Like a bad dream where you’re 6 years old and get lost in the mall, and you can’t find your parents, and everything is looming over you with a hauntingly unfamiliar presence.

Why would I go to hair school?

Even more concerning, I saw just how easy it would be to go through all of hair school, and end up right back where I started. Working some menial job in a store or warehouse somewhere. I felt like my life had completely changed since starting school, but obviously if I stop actively working towards the change, all of that can evaporate.

Have you ever gone back to an ex you knew wasn’t right for you, just because it was easy, and you didn’t have to do anything or change anything? That’s what it felt like last week. Like I had drunk dialed an old ex-flame, and woke up in her bed like nothing had ever changed.

Hairdressing is like the intelligent, pretty new girl who throws you completely off your game. You have to work to keep up with her. And grow as a person. And change your values! Maybe you won’t have sex until later in the relationship.

I mean, we’ve all been through a lot. And at our age, we’ve had a good sampling of the different flavors of relationships there are out there. I think at heart, what we both really want is just someone we can trust, and rely on to have their own life in order, and be willing to consistently share their time and affection, right? Isn’t it a good idea to wait until later, and let the trust and relationship form before diving head first into the emotional attachment and sex?


I’m still talking about hairdressing, right?

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