Marketing Myself

… is harder than I thought it would be.

In Cycle 1, we had an assignment to make our own business cards. I made very nice ones. Color on both sides, the school’s logo on the back in a variety of colors (different colors per card), they look and feel really awesome. I overspent… (I couldn’t help it, I’m obsessive about things like this)

In my head, I saw myself carrying them around everywhere, and striking up conversations with trendy looking people in malls and recruiting new clients.

“Hey!”, I would say confidently, “You look like the kind of person I want as a client. Why don’t you come in and see me if you feel like something new and exciting!”

Nowhere in my daydreaming did it occur to me that I wouldn’t be very good by the time I had to go recruit clients and build my sales/service skills.

I’m fairly confident when I’d dealing with something I know I can do well, but I’m still new to hairdressing and I’m not at the “fluent” level yet. I still need to think about what I’m doing as I do it, and still can’t aim for a specific target style and hit it dead on. So I feel really uncomfortable trying to sell myself to people!

It messes me up with prebooking too. I feel…weird, after giving someone a student level haircut and then trying to work in prebooking their next appointment. It’s a mental block I have to get over. I’ve never been good at doing that type of sales stuff… I always did poorly at my retail jobs where I had meet a quota for buyer protection plans, or add-on sales, etc.

That’ll have to change if I want to make decent money in this business.

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