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I’m back in the classroom, in Cycle 2, learning perms now. Tomorrow is the end of the first of two weeks, and the Friday after next I’ll need another 3 models. Yikes! o.O

I hope I’m resourceful enough to find some, although finding a model who wants a perm will be tough.

Anyway, we had to hand in an assignment today. We were told to find pictures of different hair textures and write a description of how we would achieve that texture/look with perm tools. The whole thing was supposed to be written not for a stylist, but for a client – sort of a pamphlet explaining things to a potential perm client.

I got writers block, and this is what I came up with at the last minute of the last day I had to work on it:

Click for Full Size

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There are a few more pages, but they are just boring “And I would use this size rod, bookend end papers, blah blah blah” stuff. I got 7/10. Teacher’s comments: “Your descriptions were a bit over the top. You were supposed to keep it simple!”

I thought I was keeping it simple…

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