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It’s very interesting being immersed in the demographic I am currently going to school with. I haven’t known a lot of these…types…of girls, in my life. I feel like I’m walking on pins and needles trying to word this carefully so that I don’t offend anyone! haha

But I don’t mean any offense, and I don’t mean to stereotype – there are always exceptions to every rule. But right now I’m talking about the pretty, popular, social, cute girl demographic that is well represented in beauty school.

I see little things every day that shows what a drastically different world they live in. Just a day or two ago I was in the break room with some girls, while the vending machine guy was finishing up putting new bags of corn chips and ketchup chips (which I’m told is a Canadian thing?) and stuff in the machine. When he finished, he asked us what the best sellers were so that he could stock the machine with the most popular stuff next time.

And then he lingered. You know what I mean. When a guy is “lingering”, he just kind of floats around, sort of being involved in the conversation, and sort of..not. It’s like social limbo, you’re neither part of Social Group A, or the Outsiders. You’re not joining Social Group A (because you don’t have enough confidence, or don’t fit in, or for any number of reasons) but you’re not leaving because you want to hang around and… linger.

And none of the girls had any idea that was what was going on, which totally boggles my mind! When he left I said to them “You guys know that guy was hanging around just because you’re a bunch of cute young girls, right?”. And in typical (or even stereotypical? See what I did there! I’m so funny!) fashion for girls who see the world through prettier-than-average-eyes, they replied “Whatever!”, “Haha no way, you’re so imagining things!”, “Oh come on, he was just chatting!”.

Pretty girls live in a different world than the rest of us.

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