Random Update

While another one of the many, many, many mind numbing rollersets I’ve been doing on mannequins (in between clients) was drying, I grabbed one of the beat up old mannequin heads we’re allowed to cut on. I never get to do anything funky on people, they always have very simple, unimaginative hair styles. (Someday I’ll be able to talk them into experimenting!)

Here’s my funky weird cut:

You can’t tell from the picture how fried and balding this mannequin is, which is a good thing! She was in poor, poor shape.

I’m not entirely sure how I cut it… in terms of techniques and things. I kind of just started hacking into it. I used vertical partings for the asymmetrical graduation in the back, and just kept eyeballing everything. It took me awhile to get the fringe right. It’s harder than it looks to cut precision lines! It looks like it’s not straight in the picture, but it’s just a hole from a bald spot.

Commercial value of cut: $0

Educational value of cut: Priceless! Well, maybe not priceless. But at least $30-$40.

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