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Today was a debacle of a debacle. A travesty!

A young girl came in (I’m guessing 16-ish), and she wanted the top half of her hair entirely blonde, and the bottom half dark brown. She had a natural level 7 color, on almost virgin hair. (A hint of highlights from 4 years ago were left at the tips)

She wanted it cut like scene girl hair, but with shorter layers on top. She had a picture, which of course showed only a girls face, with some of her fringe in the shot – but I knew the style she wanted. I told her it wouldn’t be exactly scene girl hair, because they usually have extensions, or just have a LOT of hair.

So, my formula was 5n for the dark bits, and 9.01 high light (01 is a hint of ash in our line) w/ 40vol for the blonde.

Enter Ms. I-Don’t-Know-Enough-To-Be-An-Instructor-Yet-I’m-Subbing-For-The-Instructor. She, through her own perceived mastery of hairdressing (and her age), starts changing things by leading my client (a confused teenage girl who’s communication skills were already a bit iffy) towards what the instructor liked. So my 5n goes to 5n + 5.43 (violet base).

The instructor leads her with more questioning, and changes the cut I was going to do from a very layered scene girl cut, to a long uniform cut.

Scene Girl / Emo Hair

So off to the color room for the color, and she’s nervous. After it’s all applied, the 5 I put in her nape is turning visibly purple and alarming the client. I tell her we’ll wait and see when we wash it out, the color solution can look different than the color it will put in your hair.  After 45 minutes, we wash the color out and the blond turned out great. The girl loved the blond, but as for the darker color: “It’s purple. I wanted brown. It’s purple. o.O”


Cut to a bit later, I’m halfway done the cut. I started with the perimeter to get the length, and then I just worked my way up one side of her head so I could show the girl what the cut I was doing would look like, since I knew it wasn’t what she wanted. And I was right (Grrr….), the hair from the apex of her head went all the way down to her chin. She wanted the topmost layer of hair to terminate between eye and nose level. So I start over and cut my way.

At this time, the salon is closing! All the staff are leaving, and my regular instructor comes back. She’s like “I’m soooo sorry I wasn’t here!” and helps me finish the client.

The girl left with something that looked ok, but was not what she wanted. Sigh. I feel like I should have done more. I did argue my point with the sub instructor (I’m not exactly timid when it comes to opinion… I got marked down on one of my practical exams for arguing with the instructor. lol), but she wasn’t having it. I know there’s nothing I really could have done, but it still leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

On a side note: That very same instructor, within the last month, turned a client’s hair green by changing another students formula to triple ash. Geez.

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7 thoughts on “Travesty

    • Picklemonkey

      Sorry Jen, I had to censor your comment (just so nobody from school or head office or anything finds this site by googling the school name or color line and then kicks me out of school for trash talking it lol)

      Tonya, if you want to know I can email you the info (if you didn’t get an email of the original comment Jen made, forget whether I it turned on to email comment replies)

  • Tonya

    I must say I am surprised at the instructors lack of knowledge in the hair area. I think that you do have to go with your gut, but with the instructors I wonder if you can over veto them like you would want. Is there some way that you can do this. I was the same way in school. At times I knew they weren’t right but I was unable to “win” my case so errors were made, making me look bad, feel bad…..well you know. Suffice it to say, you learn with every experience, be it good or bad.

  • Jen

    Not the same instructor, but one of them (who isn’t even an instructor she runs the front desk) gave me a formula that turned the girls hair not really green but well green enough to go hmmm. Stick with your gut!! it’s usually right!