Happy Birthday to Me! Kasho Blue 5.5″ Offset Shears

After all my lusting after the Sam Villa shears, I ended up ordering a pair of Kasho’s.

Kasho Blue 5.5″ Offset Shears

I ordered from Precision Shears (precisionshears.com), a pair of 5.5″ offset handle Kasho Blue shears. I’ll report once I get them how the shipping and customer service from PrecisionShears.com is. I can’t wait! They have a special with Kasho shears, so I’m getting a leather pouch and razor too… Not that I need more, but hey, free stuff is free stuff!

I decided to go with the Kasho’s because they have a reputation for quality production and good steel, whereas the Sam Villas seem to me more likely to be less quality, for the same amount of money as a good pair of Kasho’s.

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