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So after lightening my hair a whole bunch (see I Am a Big Hypocrite), I dyed it blue. I used Special Effects dye, and so far it’s done a lot better than the other brands I’ve seen people use. It went on very intense, washed off my scalp really easily, and took a long time to start fading.

Here it is after I put it on:

Special Effects – Electric Blue

And after a two weeks-ish. I wash my hair almost every day, in hot water. (Why? BECAUSE I’M A REBEL!)

Special Effects – Electric Blue

Special Effects – Electric Blue

The color is still vibrant, though not as dark. There is a purple tinge to the top now, that only showed up after I washed my hair with Head & Shoulders instead of my usual Joico Reconstruct. (Why Head & Shoulders? I wanted to see what would happen – I hear people use it to help fade color, and it is very alkaline and harsh.)

I have no idea if this contributed to how well the color has lasted (through at least 10 shampoos so far!), but I tried to be a smartypants with the household items I had at hand: I washed my hair, towel dried it, then put Head & Shoulders on it and let it sit for 10 minutes. Figuring that since it’s very, very alkaline and would perhaps open up the cuticle a bit. Then I rinsed in hot water, towel dried, applied the color, put a bag on my head, and let it sit for a few hours. Then I rinsed and shampooed with my regular shampoo, which has a PH of 3.5 – below the 4.5/5.5 of hair’s natural PH value. Figuring maybe it would close the cuticle and hold some of the color, even though semi-permanent color doesn’t work in quite the same way as permanent. Whether or not this actually did anything I have no idea, I just felt like experimenting!

Another little experiment I did on my hair:

Special Effects – Electric Blue – Bleached

That’s a swatch of my hair after putting a powder bleach with 20 vol on for about 20-25 minutes. I was expecting it to look muddy, or faded, or blotchy, but it came out very nice! The scanner sucks the life out of the hair, in real life it was very shiny and a very pretty shade of blue/green.

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    Special Effects is the brand name. It’s not a “professional” dye, it’s similar to Manic Panic but I find it works much better. The Joico crazy color dyes are very similar too so if you can find the color you want, they’re decent!