Marketing. Oooh, a nebulous and perilous topic to blog about… One wrong step on my part and you’ll dismiss me as another one of the soulless salesmen of the industry, my credibility and honest image will be shot! But fear not: I solemnly promise never to talk about bull!%@% like “Social Network Engineering”. Anyway…

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I need to get better at marketing myself. For awhile I was successfully convincing myself that I could do it well enough, even though I almost never did it – because when I did do it, I did it well. But if I’m being honest, I only did it well when I was in a great mood and the situation was perfect, all the conditions w

ere just right… The rest of the time (the bulk of the time!) my marketing skills are mediocre at best, and sometimes very poor.

It’s easy to tell yourself you’re doing ok by only looking at the one good day, and forgetting the bad days before and after it.

So, I need to get off my ass and practice what I preach. Sure, I am very personable and outgoing when I’m in a great mood – but if I want to be successful, I need to be able to be like that every day. I need to make more efforts to meet new people, give out more business cards, I need to remember to force myself to be a bit chattier and happier with clients on those days when I just want to do hair in peace and quiet. That’s a tricky one for me, because I’m naturally fairly quiet and shy. (And yet everything I do in my spare time revolves around performing! Oddness…)

I need to build and re-enforce habits that will aid my career. There are a lot of times I interact with people in daily life (or people I had the chance to interact with) and if I had it drilled into my head as a habit, I could be promoting myself in all of those situations.

So, I’ma do it. I’m not going to make a plan, or establish steps, I’m just gonna put some effort and motivation into it. (I think a lot of people spend more time making plans than accomplishing things.)


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