New Shears! 2 comments

My new Kasho Blue’s are here!

They are fine shears, and with them I got a little Kasho razor and a leather Kasho holster. I was impressed with the place I ordered them from:

After I had ordered, I had a question about shipping (because I was expecting to see more information in the ordering process, as you do in most online stores) so I emailed the company, and got a phone call back after the weekend, answering my questions.  That’s pretty good customer service in my opinion.

My stuff arrived quickly, and was very well packed. I’d definitely recommend them to anyone thinking of buying shears online.

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2 thoughts on “New Shears!

  • Jen

    Do you like them? Do they fit your finger unlike the ones in the store that you tried? lol are you even goung to use them on manniquin hair? I wouldn’t… you should save the old ones for manniquins!

    • Picklemonkey

      Yeah I’m definitely not using them on mannequin hair. I’ll use the kit shears for that!
      They do fit nicely, but I’ll have to wait till I use them a bit in the salon to really judge them. They came in a COOOOL package though! And I really like the Kasho holster, and the razor is better than our razors I think too. When I’ve used up all the blades for our razor I’ll start using my Kasho one.