Cycle 3

Well, today was the first day of Cycle 3. (Yes that’s right – I’ve “Graduated”, but I’m not finished school yet. Weird!)

This is the more complicated up-do stuff, and bizarrely, anatomy…and makeup. In the hair program! Not the esthetics program, not the makeup course, nor the massage course… Weird, weird school this is.

So anyway, sometime this week I’m going to be covered in makeup when we have to pair off and do makeup on each other. Wonder if I’ll look as awesome as Hedwig.

Hedwig and the Angry Inch

Hedwig and the Angry Inch


And also, remember awhile back when I was complaining about how we didn’t get enough time to practice anything, or time to complete practical exams and etc, with the brand new curriculum? Well, the September class has a revised curriculum. They have lots more time to practice… And their practicals aren’t timed. They have all day to do them. Yay. *golf clap*

It doesn’t bother me though, if school was easy I wouldn’t try as hard.

I am a bit worried about finding models though… We need more models, the last one was sprung on us today. I have 10 days to find a guy for a taper cut practical, and in two days I need to turn in my ideas for entering the student category in NAHA, along with photos of the three models that I don’t have.


I’ve already used up my family and friends, and still don’t know anyone here… And none of the people I’ve seen in the salon would be suitable. (The NAHA ones have to be young, skinny, and attractive. We were specifically told that. Which makes sense, if you’re trying to win NAHA… But it sure does limit your potential model pool.)


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