I Won an Award!

Yesterday was awesome.

My first client of the morning was this cute girl with super mega hot hair that I’m totally jealous of. After lunch we closed the salon and did each other’s hair for Grad (Even though I have another 4 months left in college – they have two ceremonies a year, because of how many start dates they have).

After school was a two hour limo ride with a bunch of dolled up, hot young hair stylist chicks. (You know, sometimes life is hard. But you gotta do what you gotta do!)

Then the Grad ceremony, where to my surprise, I won an award!


I’m surprised I won anything seeing as I’m not done the program yet, and the other girls that won the award at Grad were older, much more experienced stylists who had completed the full year. And I never win anything. But I won a plexiglass award with my very own name on it anyway!

After the ceremony, and after talking about my super duper secret mega-crush from school with a friend (Talking about, creepishly idolizing…. She wore this dress to grad that was just… *sigh*), the dance floor opened up and I ducked out before I would have been forced to dance by my teacher. (I used to be a dancer, once upon a time! No dancing at Grad though… Although I did moonwalk across the stage after receiving my award)

Now, that’s a pretty cool day already… My most favorite client ever first thing in the morning, salon closed and doing each others hair in the afternoon, winning a piece of plexiglass in the evening. What could make it better?

Jamming with my bandmate Colin until 10:30, and then a private screening of Jackass 3D for free, for just me and 4 friends! An entire theater to ourselves. Yay!

Things are starting to come together at school, and while it hasn’t gotten any easier, I think my skill is rising. When I started, none of my clients were requests, and for my first month on the salon floor, I sold zero retail.

Now, almost all of my clients are request clients, and when I talk about retail they go listen intently and examine the containers with curious eyes, instead of tuning me out and doing their grocery list in their head.

I <3 getting better at things!

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