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Since starting to shear-shop in August, I’ve played with everything I could get my hands on. You know in Wayne’s World, how Wayne asks to play with the guitar at the store and the clerk sighs “…again?”? That’s me at every salon store in this town, and the next one over.

My school has a shear dude and also carries a brand (which shall remain nameless) and I spent time  playing with a variety of those shears as well. I borrowed shears from other stylists whenever I could. I talked to every stylist I could find about what shears they use and why, and asked if I could play with them a bit. (I am a shear junkie now!)

When I started my search I knew nothing about shears or what I really wanted, and now I know what just about every shear feels like (in my hands, at least), and how a number of different brands and price points cut and wear.

I gotta say, out of all of them, these are the most comfortable shears to my hands. Of course, my hands are twice as big as the average hair stylist’s hands… So your mileage may vary.

And of course I’m not saying these are the “most comfortable shears ever”, I’m just saying I like them. You might hate them! And I can’t judge their functionality yet, because I just bought them, so maybe they’ll dull super fast, or something horrible will happen and they’ll disintegrate in my hands, to counteract how awesome the shears seem to be on the surface.

But there’s no reason to think they will, and if they do cut well, and wear well, I will certainly be getting a 5.5″ pair down the road, to go with my 6.25″ pair.

I’ll use them on clients at school for a month or two and report back on how they perform.

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3 thoughts on “Video Review: Sam Villa Shears

  • crystal

    Well……did these get dull fast? I’m getting ready to order them online. Please report on how they are holding up. Thanks!

    • Picklemonkey

      They dulled at… an average pace, I’d say.
      The steel isn’t as good as the really high end shears imho, but then, they’re a couple hundred dollars less than the really high end shears.
      Ultimately I still really like them, but the reason I like them is their design – if they were shaped the exact same shape as a pair of Kasho’s or Hikari’s, I’d take them over the Villa shears. But for me, comfort and ease of use trumps absolute superb quality steel and craftsmanship.

  • Sunnyt

    Thanks for posting your video review of the Sam Villa Shears. I have been wanting to get my hands on them too and finally found yesterday when I went to the State Beauty Supply Open House that they had some demo shears in stock. The felt great and only added to my lust for them. Hoping when I get next semster’s financial aid check I can finally buy them.

    Thanks for the blog, it is great to read about someone else’s passion for hair and hair school.