It’s Hard Out Here For A Pimp

I mean hairdresser.

Man, it’s hard to live in the headspace of being a hairdresser sometimes. It’s so… different from me (until now), some days I feel like I go to school and sit a client down and then go “Wait – what do I do now? I’m supposed to give her a haircut? I do hair?”.

A lot of people have asked me why I’m here, in hair school, if I feel like that. I never have a good reply for them. The first time I stepped into a dance studio, not sure what shoes or clothes I should be wearing, not sure why I was there, and looked around at all the dancers… I felt the same way. A lot of people ask me why I decided to begin hairdressing in the first place.

I never have a good reply for that either. The truth is I don’t know, it just happened. It was part of my daydream life, the one I imagined in my mind while carrying boxes off of trucks and setting up displays in Toys R Us 5 years ago.

It’s funny, when I think of myself I think of all the things I do: Sing, dance, take pictures, write, and now hair. What other people seem to think of when they think of me is my appearance: Quiet, button-down, intellectual, introverted. I’m not sure how I can be both at the same time, but I am.

Anyway, to throw in something interesting to the hair-o-philes reading this (Blogs about feelings are so y2k), my new object of lust is the Chi Hand Shot blow dryer:

Chi Hand Shot Dryer

Chi Hand Shot Dryer

Chi Hand Shot Dryer

Chi Hand Shot Dryer

I mean just LOOK how cool it is! Not many stores round here carry it (in fact only one that I know of), and it retails for around $220 Canadian. I’d buy it in a heartbeat if #1. I was made of money, and #2. There were any reviews of it. Anywhere. By anyone. (Anyone that isn’t selling them that is)

Seriously, what’s with there being NO good reviews or opinions/info on hairdressing equipment on the internet?

Anybody out there used one of these dryers? I’ve heard mixed reviews of Chi in general. Some love the brand, some don’t. Some people say their dryers do dry hair quickly but don’t have enough air pressure.

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