Topless Salon!

I’m sure you’ve heard by now… There’s a topless salon in Australia.

Say what you will, I’d work there if I was a chick and had the rockin bod for it. But I’ve already decided that if I was a hot chick I’d also be a really, really rich stripper. So it’s probably a good thing I’m not a hot chick.

Topless Salon in Australia

I want to harp on some of the (rhetorical) questions posed at the end of the article (linked up top).

Will this topless salon  cast professionals and the industry in a bad light?

I doubt this one gimmick salon in Australia is going to do any more harm than the “Haircut while you wait”, haircut-slash-pizza parlour joint I saw sandwhiched between the adult bookstore and Humptys for years. How did they even get a food license?

Will it harm the validity of this profession the same way shifty “happy ending” massage parlours have impaired the integrity of licensed massage parlours/spa establishments?

It’s pretty hard to harm the validity of a profession in which the average employee thinks Legally Blonde is a documentary. Any validity-harming imho comes straight from the mass of I-don’t-care-what-happens-as-long-as-I-get-50-smoke-breaks, talk-to-my-friends-about-intimate-encounters-and-drugs-in-front-of-clients-all-the-time types. Sorry for the over hyphenation.

Does this damage the “good name” hairdressers around the globe have worked so hard to protect?

Hairdressers sometimes remind me of people who are from underprivileged neighborhoods. (I.E. The ghetto)

Some of them make it out of the ghetto, and when they do they become very mean spirited towards anything ghetto. They hate those qualities about themselves so they take it out on everyone else sevenfold. Hairdressing as an industry has gotten out of the ghetto of being perceived as a ditzy, uninvolved, mediocre profession. But the price of getting out was to leave with a massive chip on it’s shoulder, and now whenever anyone insults it or reflects negatively (especially in any “ghetto” identifiable ways), it overreacts.

If this salon does well I’m not going to lament it,  call it names and point out it’s (perceived) lack of morals. I’m going to say “Fair play to you!” and know that wasting time complaining about something someone else is doing (and possibly using to be more successful than me) isn’t going to help me succeed.

Here’s a song that sums up my views on this subject quite well:

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