Christmas Wish List

This really is a wish list, because I have no income at the moment, being a student… But none the less, I can dream. About pretty, shiny things. Pretty, shiny things that I can’t have. *sob*

This list will be divided into sections, because it’s just too big to be unorganized.

Educational Materials:

HairMaven’s 1’st DVD ($80)

Hair Maven DVD

Robert Cromeans’ Seriously: An Industry Outlook ($?… Robert Cromeans has many skills, but a good website isn’t one of them)

Robert Cromeans: Seriously: An Industry Outlook

Sassoon ABC’s DVD set: ($WhateverYouFindOnEbay)


Hikari BDry shears: ($895)

Sam Villa 7″ Dry Cutting Shears: ($375)

Sam Villa 5.75″ Shears: ($350)

A variety of texture shears from chunky to unchunky: ($AsMuchAsYouWantToPay)

Y.S. Park Roundbrushes: ($40-$50 each)

Rude Tool Belt:

Personal Image:

Sexy pair of Stacey Adams’: ($80)

A cool coat, so I don’t show up at school in the morning looking like an Eskimo that just wandered onto the set of a WB high school sitcom: ($200+)

A suit jacket that doesn’t make me look like a realtor or car salesman: ($priceless)

Plain Impossibilities:

Amy Pond. No, not the actress who plays her (Karen Gillan). AMY POND. ($Sanity. Redheads are crazy! I have field tested this theory 3 times already!)

Karen Gillan Amy Pond Redhead

To be buddies with Tim Minchin:

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