Cool Comb Flippy Thing 3 comments

Note from the future: I moved this video to my updated Youtube channel years later. Check it out on YT to see the ridiculous hate in the comments! lol)

Here’s a little video (Little because I’m all bleeggghhh) showing you a cool trick with your comb and scissors.

Ps. I’m going to claim that the sickness is why I called the wrong finger my ring finger, and why I can’t talk. Definitely the sickness.

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3 thoughts on “Cool Comb Flippy Thing

  • pinupgirl

    Stumbled across your blog by accident and I am a huge fan of guys in the Beauty Industry. I’m a licensed Cosmetologist and am entering my seventh year in the Industry. Just wanted to let you know though that all the cool flip your comb this way flip your shears that way stuff is gonna cripple your career if you incorporate that in your everyday techniques…i.e. carple tunnel. Good luck in school!