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So I sent out a little questionnaire to some of the girls I know, even some I haven’t talked to in ages, but who are the type of girls I want to attract as clientele. Their answers are interesting. I’ve reprinted them below, with any names changed. I didn’t edit their responses, except to capitalize letters. In the interest of not having a 50 page post, I’m going to do a batch of 5 this post, and then another batch in the future if anyone else finds this as interesting as I do.

If this wall of text is too much for you, and you want something quick and easy and in video form, check out my cool comb flippy trick video from a few days ago!

Girl #1 is an actress in a big entertainment/fashion driven city out east.

Girl #2 is a young adult in a big city out west.

Girl #3 is a young adult in a big city out west.

Girl #4 is a model who travels within the province doing local fashion shows.

Girl #5 is a young professional who has completed her post secondary degree.

Do you tend to stick with one hairdresser for a length of time, or shop around?

Girl 1: I always try to stick with one hairdresser.

Girl 2: So I have been with my hairdresser for about..4 or 5 years, I don’t really like to change hairstylers often I like consistency.

Girl 3: Stick with one hairdresser for awhile.

Girl 4: Ok so I used to shop around but then FishyBob from Cute-Name-For-A-Salon did my hair for grad and I’ve been going to only her ever since.

Girl 5: I shop around because I haven’t found one that I loooove yet.

What makes you like a hairdresser?

Girl 1: When I find someone who can actually translate what I’m saying into what happens on my head, I will never ever leave. The most important thing is whether they understand the hair style I’m talking about. Also, someone who is aware of all the new styles, like what’s going on at Sassoon etc. I want someone who can give me a Sassoon cut without having to go to Toronto to get it.

Girl 2: I like my hairstylist because she listens to my suggestions or gives good ones when I’m thinking about doing something with my hair. She has good judgement.

Girl 4: I’ve switched and stayed with her because she knows me, knows my hair and my style, so all the time I tell her to do what she wants, and I know it will be something that I love. Plus its nice to chat and gossip about life.

Girl 5: If they’re friendly, and if they make suggestions/actually talk to you about the cut, and then obvs if they do a good job with my hair

If you’ve moved from one hairdresser you really liked to another, what made you switch?

Girl 1: I did actually move from one I really liked (Jolene to Janet), and partly because it was convenient, Janet at first was doing it for free and I had a much better relationship with her. She was easier to talk to and a little crazier. Jolene was a tiny bit more conservative with my hair, but she was just as talented and a lot more experienced. She was also expensive, but I understand that a good stylist deserves to be paid more. It’s an art.

Girl 2: If I were to ever move to a different hairdresser it would be because she stopped cutting hair or I moved to another city.

Girl 3: Either gets too expensive, or the hairdresser moves to a different location far away.

Girl 5: The one that I reeeally liked back in the day moved away!

What’s honestly more important to you – technical skills (I.E. great haircut) or people skills (I.E. good person to chat with)?

Girl 1: Technical skills. I don’t care if she/he’s rude to me, if they make my hair look exactly how I want and they’re not over-charging me, then I’ll come back. great stylists are never rude though, because in order to be great, you have to love what you’re doing.

Girl 2: I’d say technical skill is more important, after all that is why you go to a hairdresser, but people skills are important too.

Girl 3: Technical skills.

Girl 4: It’s more important to have technical skills that people skills, because I will only be with you for that amount of time, my hair cut is what sticks with me till the next one.

Girl 5: Honestly…technical skills.

What do you think the difference is between an expensive salon and a cheap one?

Girl 1: The quality of the stylists that work there, the training they’ve received, the product line, the location of the salon, how much they spent on decoration.

Girl 2: Uhm, an expensive salon sometimes has better products or the people have had more experience.

Girl 3: Products they use and personally how much they really want to charge.

Girl 4: Since becoming a model I’ve had alot of hair stylists style my hair and I actually had one color it for a show. He is a very “accomplished” hair stylist so I know he charges over 200$ for a color. I get mine cut for 45$ and cut and colored for about 150$ I think my hair stylist can do just as well, if not better than he did.

Girl 5: I think its the level of experience/training of the staff. And what other services they offer (pure hair salons tend to be cheaper than salons that offer spa services too)

How much would you actually pay for a great cut?

Girl 1: $60- 80

Girl 2: I would pay about 60-70$ max for a good cut

Girl 3: $40-$50

Girl 4: Its hard to say how much I’d pay for a great cut and color. To be honest, I’d be more willing to pay my hairstylist that I’ve had for a long time more if she bumped up prices, rather to pay someone I’ve never had before the same high price.

Girl 5: 60-70

How much would you pay for a great color?

Girl 1: $120 now that my hair is long, only if I had to though. I know how much those products cost in relation to the charges laid on top of them. I’m not used to paying anything but product fees for colors.

Girl 2: Color I would ball park it around 80$

Girl 3: $100

Girl 5: I don’t colour my hair! So zero!

People used to come to salons over twice as often as they do now, now most people get their hair cut every 2 months or even longer. How often do you get your hair cut/trimmed?

Girl 1: I used to get my hair taken care of every 6 weeks. Now that my stylist moved to Toronto, I haven’t let anyone touch it in… months. A year or more.

Girl 2: I get my hair cut every three months or so

Girl 3: About every 3 months.

Girl 4: I get my hair done about every 6 weeks. My hair is really thick and grows really fast, so usually it’s trimmed or cut every time, and roots every other time and full color the opposite to that [when needed] Also I’m known for liking changes so I get bored faster.

Girl 5: Depends…usually every 3-4 months. Maybe more often. Good question lol

Why don’t you get your hair done more often? (Money, don’t really care about your hair THAT much to book an appointment and go get your hair done more often, would rather spend money time on something else, etc)

Girl 1: I’m not willing to take a risk on someone without a recommendation from a stylist I already trust. And monies too.

Girl 2: I don’t get my hair done more often because I don’t really need to I don’t think, I’ll just go when I need to trim it, decide I want something else or a color.

Girl 3: Money

Girl 4: I dont get my hair done more often because I cant really change it TOO much with my modeling and acting because that’s how I’m “sold” to clients basically. Otherwise, if it were healthy to do so I’d probably change the look of my hair more often.

Girl 5: Not a lot of either time or money.

Would you rather go to a female or male stylist?

Girl 1: Don’t care.

Girl 2: I don’t really care if it’s a male or a female.

Girl 3: Doesn’t matter, as long as the skills are there.

Girl 4: It doesn’t matter to me if they are male or female. I’ve had both do my hair for shoots, fashion shows etc and it doessn’t make much difference ๐Ÿ™‚

Girl 5: Doesn’t matter at all!

If you don’t color your hair, why not? (Afraid of damaging it, messing it up and not being able to go back, too much upkeep, too much money, etc)

Girl 1: I’m letting my hair grow natural now cause I wanted to see what my real hair looked like for a change, and cause I don’t want my daughter to think she needs to color her beautiful hair to be pretty or different. I want her to know people are perfect the way God made them, and even more perfect with a great haircut. LOL!

Girl 2: I do color my hair but I try not to do it too much cause I don’t want to damage it and it’s a hassle sometimes (upkeep)

Girl 3: I do color my hair, when I can afford it ๐Ÿ™‚

Girl 4: I only started coloring my hair just under two years ago. I never did because I liked the color of my natural hair and was worried I’d never get back to it again. But now that I have colored it blonde, red, black, etc, it;s fun for me.

Girl 5: I like my hair colour the way it is. Plus I’m afraid to commit to a new colour ๐Ÿ˜›

Other notes/responses:

Girl 1: Every stylist has their strengths, Janetwas amazing at those crazy Sassoon styles, but when it came to “normal” hair, she was bored. It wasn’t her passion, they weren’t as good. Then later when she started working with FancySmancyHairdresserWho’sNameHasBeenRemoved she got really really good at up-dos and “nice” hair. I think if you trust a stylist to let them do what they want with your hair, that’s the kind of relationship I want with my stylist. I will NEVER go to a stylist whose hair is bad. NEVER. How the F are they going to make your hair look if their hair looks like THAT!? 0_o I would pay someone to move away from me with scissors if I didn’t like their hair. Also, Janet did this wonderful thing where she offered blow-dries for $15. That was a great way to get clients in to meet her and try her out. I sent SO many people her way, especially actresses cause before auditions, you almost HAVE to get your hair done. A $15 blow dry will almost always book you the job, you will always look better than the other b@#$%es in there. If I really wanted the part I would go get my blow-dry/flat iron. Or maybe it was $30? I don’t know. She had some kind of $30 service too.

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