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This guy, Josh XO, decided to start making an internet show about hairdressing. And not just a video every few months… He does 3 new episodes a week.

I have no idea how long he’ll be able to keep that up (I know I couldn’t!), but damned if I don’t respect the gravitas. Go check out his show:

You can watch his shows live on Ustream (Josh XO on Ustream), although I don’t because…well… time zones confuse me. But one of these days I’m going to, and I’m going to sign up for an account on Ustream (they’re free! It’s like a youtube type deal, except you can stream live.) so I can join in the chat and ask questions and poke fun during the show.

Josh XO is not at all the kind of hairdresser I want to be, and we’d probably have nothing in common (beyond hair) if we met, and he’s a bit strange looking… But he’s exactly what this  industry needs. In my opinion at least.

There’s a thriving culture in our industry, but it’s all one sided. It’s all contained within one big clique. I am ecstatic to see a show about hair, with a real personality behind it. It’s like when you listen to so much pre-programmed Top-40 radio, when you find a station with an actual DJ who actually picks what music he plays, it doesn’t even matter if it’s your type of music he plays – it all sounds good because there’s a real personality behind it.

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