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I’ve got 2.5 months left in hair school, and the ticking clock is urging me to get as much use out of the school as I possibly can. One thing I’ve had in mind for awhile now is to make an EPK, which stands for Electronic Press Kit. Specifically, I want media to put on my professional Facebook page, and a small site on the internet that I can direct either clients or potential employers to.

So at the very least I need some good photos of my work. This means a photoshoot.

Photoshoot Requirements:

  • Location – School. Check.
  • Models
  • Time
  • Makeup Artist
  • Assistant
  • Driver to pick people/gear up and deliver it
  • Food (always good to have snacks or lunch for everyone)
  • Photographer – Me. Check.

But I need more media than just a few photos… So…

Additional Items to Multiply Photoshoot Benefits:

  • A photographer to photograph myself at work on models
  • A professional HD movie camera – Can borrow from a relative who’s a cameraman. Check
  • An operator with big muscles to operate the video camera + glidecam harness

Photo inserted purely to break up wall of text

Hopeful Media Haul:

  • Great, fashionable photos of several different looks
  • 1-3 minute video of just me doing hair stuff, not specific to this shoot
  • 1-5 minute video of behind the scenes of the shoot, with me talking and explaining things so I look all fancypants
  • 1-3 minute “About Me” video. Something other than the usual “Well, I got into hair because I love making people happy
    blah blah blah”, something honest and real and compelling. Will probably shoot half an hour of me babbling just to get a few sentences that sound good. lol
  • Also, I might see if I can shoot a sort of a “I’m a hairstylist, not a photographer. How can I get some good photos without spending big bucks?” video for the blog.

Once I’ve got all of that, I will have enough material to launch a professional FB page for my hair services, and start working on my professional website. I’ll need to think of a great domain name that isn’t taken… which is always the hardest part for me.

When I was thinking of ways to market myself I also thought of making cool t-shirts, but I think this is a more beneficial way to spend my money/time.

If anyone has any advice or suggestions, leave a comment! I need all the help I can get!

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    • Picklemonkey

      Everyone kept asking me that at school while I was doing it, and it’s soooo easy that they /facepalmed when I told them.
      It’s just a three strand braid, and at a certain interval (whenever you feel like it), you take a pinch of hair out of the strand your braiding and let it hang out, then continue braiding as normal.