Just a few random musings… I’ve been out of it for the last week. Christmas and whatnot. And trying not to think about New Years, which I’ve attempted to make a non-event ever since one tragic new years party a few years back… Which I won’t get into, but it involved two redheads, a lot of vodka, a hospital, and a lot of embarrassment. o.O

So today a classmate of mine had a cute little girl (was doing a pretty braid kind of around the circumference of her head), and apparently the little girl told my classmate I was a handsome prince. All the girls at school laughed and went “Awwwwwwwww” and whatnot.

I want a daughter.

But, you know, not really. I don’t want one that grows up or anything. Or one that I have to endure as a baby. Or one that could get pregnant, or go through puberty and go hormone-crazy and feel the need to argue every single thing I say

On second thought maybe I don’t want a little girl.


In other news, I bought some of the take-home anti-hair-loss treatments we sell at school (to supplement the treatment service we sell). I’m not balding (although I’m paranoid and a  hypochondriac, but that’s another story), but one of the girls at school bought some and said it made her hair grow faster.

I bought it to see if it actually does something, or if it’s just snake oil. My money’s on snake oil. I think it’s just Icy-Hot for your scalp.

But I’ll know soon enough! Because I’m using it on only one half of my head.


One half of my head.Some may find that weird, strange, unusual behavior. I told my teachers about it and they just said “Well of course you are.”. They’ve gotten to know me pretty well by now, and aren’t surprised by much anymore.


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