So all three classrooms in the lower level of my school are full. I’m in the middle one, new hair girls are in the right one, and esthetics girls are in the left one.

From about shoulder height (or a little lower maybe, only the short girls can’t see through) up, the walls are glass windows. There’s a black curtain that covers the windows from the back of the room halfway to the front, so that light from the other class doesn’t shine on the tv/monitor in our class if we’re watching a dvd or something.

So I look over the glass yesterday, and there’s some boobs.

Didn’t exactly get a detailed examination of the boobs, because my head went “UNEXPECTED BOOBIES IN THE BAGGING AREA” and I looked away, but I think one of the esthetics girls was just hanging out topless before or after practicing massages on each other. Usually there’s kind of a common sense thing, you don’t look through the glass if the lights are out. But the lights were on.


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