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Today was the last, painful, adrenaline wracked day of Cycle 4. The next exams I do will be my finals.

I did a total look on a model today, and a photoshoot. In addition to being marked on our performance on the model, we need 8 photos to hand in that we’ll also be marked on. Today was a long day – and I didn’t rest or slow down for a single second. o.O

Got up at 6:30, it’s almost 1 am now, and I’m still wired from the adrenaline earlier today. It was a long day.

My model had hair down to her butt – but that kind of thin, couple-of-whispy-tendrils hair that people who always want to keep the length have. She had a strange disconnect in her hair as well – long layer in the exterior, short layer from the occipital to the crest, and long layer in the interior. I’m not sure if that was intentional or a blunder from whoever did her last cut. She had about 2″ of natural level 6 regrowth, and the rest was a mismatched bunch of random box dye colors that all gelled together into varying shades of dull rusty red.

There were several jarring bands of discoloration throughout the lengths of her hair as well. It was challenging, and I went over my time limit for the test so I know I got docked points.

I can hear my instructor tsk-tsking me now; “Model choice!” she’d say.

And photographing hair is hard! I thought with my experience in photography I could just roll in there and fire off a few photos, and then pull up a lazy-boy and have a beer.

I could not have been more wrong.

Let me ask you this: How do you take a picture of the back of someone’s head, and make it interesting?

Photographing hair is a whole different ball game! And you know when you hold a strand of freshly colored hair up to the light, and you see that shine of pure, intense color?

That’s what the whole head of hair looks like when you point several flashes at it and take a picture.

I’m going to have to relearn some things, and adjust some photography habits I think…

Photos will definitely be up soon. My guitar, which I’ve affectionately named Redbone (after it’s color, and Leon Redbone, who is awesome) is in some of them!

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