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This Friday is our Cycle 4 total look practical exam, and we also have to take photos for our portfolio assignment. I dug up my model release form and tuned it up a bit, and made a makeup artist release form. I figured I’d post it in case anyone out there needs one. You’re free to steal mine and slap your name on it!

Click below to see them:

Important note: This is specifically tailored to Canada, you might be better off finding one meant for the US is you’re American. And of course, if you’re doing anything serious (anything with a bunch of money involved), you’ll want to have a lawyer draw up specific release forms for you.

Who these forms are for: A person taking their own photos for whatever reason/use. These forms are not for someone being payed by someone else to work on a project.

What these forms do: Assign the photographer the copyright, prevent legal disputes over ownership or usage of photos, prohibit the model/mua from using any photos that aren’t ones you choose to send them, and stipulates that they have no right to expect any images but the ones you choose to send them. (Grumble…)

They can’t alter your images, can’t retouch them, can’t put any stupid lens flares or lame Photoshopping on them (If I had a nickel for every time a picture of mine in the past has ended up on some model’s site or facebook page, with some lame inspirational quote pasted on it, or turned black and white with only one thing being in color, or some other stupid gimmick… And of course with full credit to me, so whoever sees the pictures thinks I’m the one with tacky taste).

The Model/MUA use is split into two categories – professional use and personal use. Filling out the Model/MUA usage portion of the form gives the Model/MUA usage rights to use the images for their comp card, portfolio, website, pretty much anything business related, with the exception of commercial usage. (So they can’t sell your pictures)

Because most girls I use aren’t professional models, I added an additional usage portion to allow use on Facebook and other social networking sites, etc.

All of this is very tedious, nitpicky stuff, and I of course don’t really care about rules too much in the real world. For all intents and purposes the model can do whatever she wants with the pictures when I’ve got what I want. But good paperwork is a necessity for any business, and especially if you EVER intend to use the pictures in anything business related, EVER.

Model Release

Model Release – Click for Full Size

Make Up Artist Release

Make Up Artist Release – Click for Full Size

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