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First off, a little mood music for this post: (Also, I love the singer’s haircut – but I think it works on him, on most people that cut would make you look like either a jarhead or a pedophile. o.O)

Well, it’s 2011. That’s the future. The future! I’m 26, and living in the time of little bleepity-bloopity Star Trek computer pads called iPhones, humans are trapping and experimenting on friggin antimatter at Cern, and people spend more time interacting socially via computers and text messages than they do otherwise.

On the 4’th I go back to school, and start cycle 4. It’s the advanced technique and avant-garde cycle, and the last cycle of classroom work I’ll do before I graduate. I forget if it’s one or two weeks… But at the end I will need to find a model to do something funky on.

That’s going to be a challenge… Mostly because it’s January, and I live in Canada. And I don’t have a car. So if I go anywhere I have to dress up like an eskimo so I don’t freeze, and it’s hard to pick up chicks to model for you when you’re dressing like an unfashionable eskimo.

When I get to school in the morning and go to my locker, all the little teenage fashionistas are coming in wearing high heels and lace leggings, miniskirts, with makeup and hair all done. I sometimes think to myself I must look like an eskimo who wandered onto the set of a WB highschool sitcom.

Oh well. *shrug*

I feel like I need some new inspiration. A new band, or type of music, or art, or something.  I hope 2011 brings some cool new stuff.

In other news: has renovated their website. It’s got a new design now, and they re-encoded their videos with a larger size. I can’t say I’m impressed with the design – it really just looks like they built the site with Joomla and never even bothered using a template or theme. But a video from Richard Ashforth (from Saco) is on it’s way, and that’s exciting! I really liked him when I saw him at the hair show awhile back.

I’ve missed watching the last few episodes of Josh XO’s Weapon of Choice live, but I caught up watching them on his site. The mens cut in episode 18 was cool.

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  • static

    its starting to get kind of disturbing how much i have in common with some random blogger i just found. i’m 26, i like redheads, i’m a guy who just graduated cosmo school, and for years i always said that in the future, people would have those little tablet pad things like in star trek instead of books or computers, which we do now. a thought which just appeared, at random, from a totally different person in a neighboring country…

    hehe. wicked 😀