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So we have this assignment to design a salon. It’s due on Monday. It’s a bit silly, but it’s kind of fun designing an imaginary salon. Here’s mine:

Zoso Salon


Yes that’s a drum kit in the middle.

Zoso Salon

Zoso 3d

I used floorplanner.com to do it. It doesn’t have salon furniture so I had to improvise with random chairs and mirrors and shelves, etc. I’m writing a 9 year history of Salon Zoso for my assignment too – did you know Matt Bellamy of Muse is a regular customer? TRUE FACT!

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  • static

    i remember when we had to do that assignment. i believe i slacked off, didnt do it, and the teacher made me do it on the chalkboard. i forgot to put in a bathroom because i was totally hung over. XD yours looks very nice, and i dig the drum kit. i would add a synthesizer and a mic so we could jam out.

    cool blog, glad i found it. i searched and searched for something like this when i was in school, but happened to find you on hairmaven. hope you make it through school! best of luck 🙂

    if you want to check out my recent ramblings about school and the industry i’m doing a similar thing over at staticwarpundit.blogspot.com