I did this on a classmate today:

Classmate 1

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Classmate 3

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Classmate 2

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It took a long time… Because this is the first asymmetrical haircut like this I’ve ever done, and my third (I think?) ever cut with a razor.

I started cutting it one way, did the whole haircut, but it didn’t work as well as I wanted. So I redid everything and spent a lot of time going through and fixing things, balancing things, eyeballing things, etc…

But the next time I do a cut like this I’ll be able to do it in half the time! This was a huge learning experience, because I never get to do fun stuff like this. It definitely beats doing little old ladies’ uniform/graduation haircuts!

The first version of it I did, I ended up with gradation in the short side transitioning to layers on the long side. It looked funny, and I experimented with leaving a longer layer on top and undercutting the short side, but ultimately ended up taking out all the graduation and converting it to layers. (Remember kids, under 89 degrees is graduation, 90 degrees and up is layering! That’s why vertical partings remove weight so effectively, because you most often pull them out at 90 degrees!)

It was a nightmare to crosscheck, too. I must have looked at the cut from a million different angles, and eyeballed a lot of it until it felt right. It turned out great though, and I was very happy to have a classmate willing to sit through my experimenting and fiddling!

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