Finals = Kicked In The Teeth

I lived through my finals. Pretty intense couple days, thems were… This was the exam schedule:

Men’s Taper Cut – 30 mins

Women’s Color – 60 minutes (From application to shampooed and back at chair)

Women’s Cut – 30 minutes

Women’s Airform & Iron – 30 minutes

Perm – 90 minutes (From start to rinsed and back at chair)

Rollerset – 20 minutes

Fingerwaves (on mannequin) – 15 minutes

Combout – 15 minutes

Final written exam (200 questions) – 90 minutes

There was a lot of adrenaline pumping through everyone during the exams. It’s interesting watching how everyone copes with the pressure – a lot of people get nervous, stressed out, some people panic. I get excited and happy. I don’t understand why other people don’t get excited… I think I annoyed some people by being chipper and upbeat when everyone was all doom and gloom. Haha

In the end, I did a bit better than average, but not as good as I’d like to have done. 80% overall on my practicals (the cut, color, perm, etc were high…but I bombed the rollerset and combout.), and 82% on my written final. (Pretty good considering I didn’t study)


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