Shaving Heads for Breast Cancer

I was at the mall last weekend shaving heads for a breast cancer charity event.

Shaving Heads

It was fun all around, the people who were brave enough to get their heads shaved all did very well raising money. I was on TV (again) and missed it (again), but I’m hoping I can get a copy from someone. I cut a radio guy (or tv guy)’s hair off, and I totally didn’t know who he was. Sorry, radio guy!

The absolute highlight of the day for me was right near the end I was packing up to leave, and a guy asked me to do one more. It was this cute little redheaded girl, 11 years old, with the most beautiful curly red hair ever. She was so cute and perfect, she was exactly what I pictured my daughter being like in my daydream fantasy life. She made me want a daughter soooo bad! (Although having a girlfriend is kind of a prerequisite for that I think)

She cut off most of her hair, it was past her shoulders and we cut it to a short jawline-level bob.

Why can’t all girls be redheads? They’re so much cuter than regular people.

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