What’s It Like Being a Guy in Hair School? (Also, MyChair iPhone App) 3 comments

One of the questions I have heard a lot since going to hair school, is “What’s it like being a guy and going to hair school with a bunch of girls?”

I’m going to answer that in the form of a music video:

Also, I’ve been on the lookout for a good iPhone app for hair stylists. I want something to quickly and easily keep track of schedules, services, tips, etc… And all the stuff I’ve found is either free/cheap and sucks, or expensive and part of a complete salon management system. (Do I look like I want to run an entire salon from an iPhone app? Do I really need to swipe credit cards directly on my phone?)

I’ve been sorting through a whole bunch of them, and so far the one that has most piqued my interest is MyChair. Check out their website to see some great videos of it in use! Their website is quite well put together, and the videos were sufficiently enticing to make me want to buy the app… except that I can’t afford to right now. (Yes, that’s how tight my budget is – I can’t afford a $14.99 iPhone app. That’s what hair school will do to you!)

But it looks like it beats the other stuff out for what I want, so I’m sure I’ll buy it eventually and I’ll put up a review of it when I can.

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3 thoughts on “What’s It Like Being a Guy in Hair School? (Also, MyChair iPhone App)

  • Mark

    Love your blog. I too was a “guy in hair school” until December. I start work tomorrow, If you want a free software program try shrhnd. It might do the trick.

  • Siobhan

    I would actually love to see reviews of some of the free/cheap apps you’ve already tried so far as well.

    I’ve been looking for something budget friendly that’ll be good enough until I finish school in September.