I’m Not Dead (Also, Rusk & Paul Mitchell Blow Dryers)

So I’m still here. I promise!

I’ve tried like…3 times now to record some cool video content for the blog, and so far haven’t done anything I ever want anyone else to see. haha

In my first attempt, I got the peppy admissions lady from my school to take the blog on a tour of the school. That turned out kind of…well… we only had a few minutes and couldn’t do a practice run-through or anything, and it showed.

The second attempt, a few days later, was myself and a student doing a little tour of the school. That one was just embarrassing because I am a sucky actor. A very sucky actor.

And the last one, which I recorded only scant moments ago, took 5-6 do overs to get “in the can”… And on re-watching, just wasn’t good enough to post. I mean, sure I might post the occasional wall of text type post, but I still have a decent idea of what will and wont hold people’s interest – and me rambling for 10 minutes isn’t quite as interesting as I’d like to imagine it is. haha

Man, content is hard!

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